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Smoked Duck Breast

Smoked Duck Breast

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Delicious smoked duck breast, lightly cured and hot-smoked over Welsh oak by Brecon Beacons Black Mountain smokery

Our tender Suffolk Gressingham smoked duck breast is lightly cured and hot-smoked over Welsh oak. It is cooked and ready to eat, rich and sweet yet delicate in flavour. Multi award-winning - it seems many agree it's the best!

Beautiful, mild-flavoured smoke and rich sweet meat - a real treat. - Felicity Cloake, The guardian 

Very thinly sliced, smoked duck makes a perfect starter served on a bed of dressed salad leaves with anything fruity! Try it with fresh orange and walnut, strawberries and balsamic syrup, or pears & pine nuts. Make a great smoked duck Canape with a little Mascarpone and apple cider jelly.

"This neat looking breast has been beautifully prepped and has a glossy juicy looking skin and tender pink flesh. There is an enticing sweet, smoky, woody aroma. The meat melts in the mouth and is moist and delicate. There is a great balance of sweetness and minerality from the meat as well as some herby savoury notes. The Smoke is just right adding a warm woody classiness but with no acid notes. With a generous touch of salt to enhance flavour, this is a delightful expertly executed product." Great Taste Awards 2020

(Jelly in picture not included)


Weight of pack - 170g


Deliveries Wednesdays and Thursdays weekly