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Small Veg box

Small Veg box

  • £12.00

Our small veg box is perfect for 2-3 people!

All the delicious veg you'll get in our delicious nutritious veg box but will smaller quantities! 

10 different veg each week


Each week we offer different varieties of veg, but always with a few weekly staples like potatoes, English Carrots, mushroom, tomatoes and onions

Our boxes are delivered Wednesdays and Thursdays depending on your area and we can also offer 10% when you subscribe!


If there are certain items you don't like in your veg box let us know and we can cater to you :) 


We hope you enjoy! 


2nd-3rd February
🇬🇧Seasonal potatoes
🇬🇧 Cauliflower
🇬🇧 Parsnips
🇬🇧 Celeriac
🇬🇧 Mixed leaf salad
🇬🇧 Tomatoes 
 Chestnut mushrooms

 🇬🇧Spring onions 

 Spanish onions

9th-10th February 
🇬🇧Seasonal potatoes
🇬🇧Savoy cabbage
🇬🇧 Broccoli
🇬🇧 Sweet potato
 Vine tomatoes
Close cup mushroom 

 Cooking onions 



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