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Our delicious range of sourdough bread is baked by Levain and Grain, a micro bakery run by Luke, 23, based in Solihull. All bread is freshly baked to order and is made using a mix of British grains and stoneground flours. As a supporter of the Real Bread Campaign, Luke only bakes REAL BREAD, meaning his loaves contain no additives or preservatives and mostly just flour, salt, and water. Going beyond this Luke prides himself on sourcing local ingredients where possible and works directly with businesses that care deeply about their impact on the environment, prioritising soil health and paying farmers fairly.
Sourdough bread has a number of benefits over industrial bread, being easier to digest and more nutritious. While many supermarkets claim to sell sourdough bread, it is almost never true sourdough and is pumped full of artificial yeast, dough improvers and additives - all with the aim of making it cheaper and faster to produce. Our bread is only ever naturally leavened (for 24hrs + in some cases) with sourdough cultures and we are completely transparent on what’s inside them - there’s nothing to hide!
Stored correctly the bread will last around week (or more in the case of the rye bread). All of these loaves freeze excellently, just slice up what you won’t use fresh and place it in an airtight bag in the freezer. As this is true sourdough, most orders will need 48hrs notice before being delivered.

All our delicious breads are baked fresh on the day in Solihull and will be delivered on Wednesdays and Thursdays depending on your area


We can only deliver to customers in Solihull and Birmingham at the moment or if you are ordering other items also!


Thank you, we hope you enjoy!